How to Generate Recurring, Passive Income Thanks to NFTs & Artificial Intelligence Bots

Troy Harris


Tuesday, May 23rd at 2am (London)
Monday, May 22nd at 9pm (New York)

Tuesday, May 23rd at 10am (London)
Tuesday, May 23rd at 5am (New York)

NFTs are going mainstream.

Coffee giant Starbucks is launching its own NFT loyalty program called the Odyssey program, which rewards members and employees. Starbucks is also launching its own NFT marketplace.

E-commerce giant Amazon is also about to let Amazon customers play cryptocurrency games and claim free NFTs for their efforts.

Mastercard is launching an NFT Debit Mastercard to allow holders to spend crypto or fiat currencies at 90 million global merchants.

Needless to say, these big developments are signs that mass adoption is just around the corner.

And for good reason.

NFTs represent the biggest technology shift of our lifetime and is the main feature of Web 3.0 (the third phase of the internet).

In a nutshell, an NFT (non fungible token) is a digital asset verifiable on the blockchain. An NFT proves you own something in the digital world.

And when you combine NFTs with the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, you can quickly earn passive, recurring income in various ways.

This is why we are running a special training to help you navigate the combined power of NFTs, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

During this live training, you will discover:

  • The types of NFTs to pay attention to, that have the potential to explode in value
  • How to make passive income from different NFT & Crypto projects
  • How artificial intelligence, the Metaverse and Web 3.0 are creating plenty of opportunities for us to profit – and the window of opportunity to take advantage of them
  • The unique artificial intelligence bot that allows you to earn up to 1% returns a day without lifting a finger
  • How to secure extremely valuable and highly coveted NFTs for as little as $10 or for free– that could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • The latest developments in the NFT, artificial intelligence and blockchain space - and how to capitalize on them right now
  • The must-have tools to successfully buy, store and profit from NFTs

PLUS: As a thank you for attending, you will receive 3 NFT picks that have the potential to explode in value.


Tuesday, May 23rd at 2am (London)
Monday, May 22nd at 9pm (New York)

Tuesday, May 23rd at 10am (London)
Tuesday, May 23rd at 5am (New York)

Attend this presentation if:

  • You’ve heard of blockchain technology, the metaverse, web 3.0, NFTs and artificial intelligence but need clarity on how to profit from these new developments
  • You want to follow a simple and proven process to set up multiple income streams without taking big risks
  • You’d like to know how to identify promising NFT and crypto projects with the potential to explode in value
  • You understand that NFTs and blockchain technology represent the future of the internet and don’t want to be left behind

Here are 6 reasons you should attend this training:

  • NFTs are the future of the internet. NFTs are a defining feature of Web 3.0
  • Artificial technology and blockchain technology are taking the world by storm and creating plenty of opportunities for big gains
  • It is believed that the mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology is just around the corner
  • NFTs are disrupting billion-dollar industries and there’s a window of opportunity to profit from them
  • NFTs are the biggest technology shift of our lifetime
  • Major brands and companies like Mastercard, Amazon, Nike and Starbucks are embracing NFTs

So don’t hesitate and don’t push this to later. Secure your place now.

Tuesday, May 23rd at 2am (London)
Monday, May 22nd at 9pm (New York)

Tuesday, May 23rd at 10am (London)
Tuesday, May 23rd at 5am (New York)

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About Troy Harris

Troy Harris is an AI and cryptocurrency educator, with over 6 years’ experience in the space.Troy’s passion and enthusiasm for blockchain technology has led him to run several masterclasses exclusively for high-net-worth individuals and working groups over the past 2 years.

His teaching and creation of strategies to earn passively has been a constant driving force behind the success of his students.

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