How to Profit DAILY from Cryptos’ DAILY Moves and Make Up to 64% Returns in a DAY

Jonathan Jobe demonstrates LIVE how he makes daily returns from the Cryptocurrency market with less risk, less capital, less time, less patience and much less speculation

Jonathan Jobe


Troy Harris


Tuesday, March 14th at midnight (London)
Monday, March 13th at 7pm (New York)

Tuesday, March 14th at 9am (London)
Tuesday, March 14th at 5am (New York)

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset class in 2023, going up 50% since the start of the year.

But regardless of whether the Cryptocurrency market goes up or down, Jonathan Jobe makes daily returns from trading this market.

And the results speak for themselves:

As you can see, he’s enjoyed massive gains from 4 trades in a row.

And best of all?

  • It takes him about 9 minutes to identify and place a trade
  • You can place these trades with less than $100
  • It’s set and forget, no need to monitor the market constantly
  • Total beginners have been able to achieve similar results – the process is very simple, you only need 3 easy tools

No doubt, Jonathan has a system that works for making consistent, daily gains even if you’re a beginner with very little to trade with.

This is why I want you to join us on our LIVE call, where he’ll hand his crypto market trading plan for free – responsible for making him consistent returns with little money.

During this LIVE Zoom call, Jonathan will share:

  • His better, faster ways to make profits from Cryptocurrencies (daily) regardless if Bitcoin and other coins are going up, down or sideways in value
  • How Jonathan uses Bitcoin’s and other coins’ volatility to his advantage to make gains daily, weekly, monthly
  • Why he believes buying and holding Cryptocurrencies can be a very slow, riskier and nerve-wracking process until you see returns – and what he does instead
  • How Jonathan identifies profit making opportunities from Cryptocurrencies every day
  • The only 3 tools Jonathan uses to trade Cryptocurrencies – all 3 are easy to navigate, anyone can do this!
  • How to double your gains (HINT: it involves shorting a cryptocurrency and making money again when its price goes back up shortly after)
  • The risk management formula for minimizing losses while maximizing gains


Tuesday, March 14th at midnight (London)
Monday, March 13th at 7pm (New York)

Tuesday, March 14th at 9am (London)
Tuesday, March 14th at 5am (New York)

This training is for you if:

  • You feel you’ve missed your opportunity to profit from Cryptocurrencies
  • You want a proven system to make consistent gains regardless of whether the Cryptocurrency market is going up, down or sideways
  • You only have limited funds to trade and are not a risk taker
  • You want to start profiting from the Cryptocurrency market but don’t know what to do and where to start
  • You are overwhelmed with all the information around Cryptocurrencies and are still very confused about it all
  • You don’t have more than 30 minutes a day to dedicate to implementing this strategy

Here are 5 reasons you MUST attend this training:

  • The Cryptocurrency market is open 24/7. No more waiting around for the market to open. You can place trades whenever.
  • You won’t have to worry about “buying, holding and praying” for the value of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to go up.
  • Only a very small number of people in the world are currently taking advantage of the opportunity to trade Cryptocurrencies instead of buying them.
  • You don’t need to be an experienced trader or investor with a large account to implement this strategy.
  • Jonathan will share his proven trading plan and the tools he uses for free – no strings attached.


As a bonus, Jonathan will share the 5 cryptocurrencies he trades the most and why. By leveraging his years of experience and years of trial and error, you can save hours and model his success.


Tuesday, March 14th at midnight (London)
Monday, March 13th at 7pm (New York)

Tuesday, March 14th at 9am (London)
Tuesday, March 14th at 5am (New York)

We look forward to seeing you on this life-changing training.

Troy Harris

About Your Instructor

About Jonathan Jobe

Jonathan Jobe started his career in the automotive industry.

After experiencing several personal challenges, including divorce and having to raise two severely autistic children on his own, he discovered the power of trading through his cousin.

Within 14 days he was making enough to be able to move out from living in his parents’ garage.

He now makes even larger gains, in less time by trading Cryptocurrencies. His returns vary from 50% up to 471% returns within 2 weeks.

His passion is to help people leverage the combined power of Cryptocurrencies and trading and enjoy a full time living from anywhere in the world.

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