How To Create FIVE Set-And-Forget Daily Income Streams Thanks To Decentralized Finance (DeFi) & Trading Bots

This phenomenon is taking the world by storm.

It gained momentum in late 2022, and this year it’s capturing the attention of many people because the gains are simply impressive.

We’re talking about the combined power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and trading bots.

You see, every year $9 Trillion is taken from our hard-earned money through various hidden fees and charges by financial institutions.

Imagine capturing a slice of $9 Trillion every year. Even if you captured 0.0001% of this market, you’d be a multi-millionaire.

Well, that’s what’s possible with DeFi.

DeFi is democratizing finance the same way the internet democratized information.

In a nutshell, Decentralized finance is new financial technology that challenges the current centralized banking system. DeFi eliminates the fees that banks and other financial institutions charge for using their services because transactions are peer-to-peer.

So the introduction of DeFi changes EVERYTHING. It means that people like you and me can now get paid in various ways – daily – by performing transactions using blockchain technology. The same way banks and financial institutions have been profiting from performing transactions for centuries.

On top of that, you now have cryptocurrency trading bots.

Since cryptocurrencies are known for being very volatile with prices fluctuating dramatically within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it makes it tricky for people to achieve the optimal trades available to them.

Plus, people simply can’t dedicate as much time to the cryptocurrency market as necessary, to place the best trades. Doing so would require round-the-clock monitoring of the cryptocurrency market.

And now cryptocurrency bots solve this problem.

They are simply automated tools that conduct trades and execute transactions on behalf of traders.

And best of all? They tend to perform better than some of the best traders in the world for the following reasons:

  • They react faster
  • They never sleep
  • They don't get tired
  • They don't make human errors
  • They process more information than humans can
  • They are not emotional (they don't feel greed or fear which affect traders' performance
  • They don't miss opportunities
  • They make daily, consistent gains of up to 1%

And with the returns you make, you can store them and get paid in more crypto for doing so… or you can enjoy the eighth wonder of the world: compound interest.

So if you don’t embrace DeFi and cryptocurrency trading bots right now, you could miss out on some serious returns.

Because we’re at a very important time in history.

And if you’re an early adopter of this technology, you have the opportunity to make generational wealth.

So to show you how you can create 5 set-and-forget daily passive income streams, we are coming to a city near you.

So secure your place now.

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*Tickets include morning tea and afternoon tea

And if your city is not mentioned, travel.
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During the workshop we will reveal:

  • Strategy #1: How to generate passive income thanks to staking (this is set-and-forget, you just collect your gains when you want to)
  • Strategy #2: How to make daily, recurring income thanks to liquidity pools (it takes a few minutes to set up and you don’t have to do anything else after, just collect your gains when you want to)
  • Strategy #3: How to make daily gains from yield farming and lending/borrowing (a super effective way to create a third income stream that just requires a few minutes a week of your time)
  • Strategy #4: How to make up to 1% returns daily from a single cryptocurrency trading bot
  • Strategy #5: How to secure NFTs and cryptocurrencies for free – with the potential to explode in value (you need ZERO capital to implement this strategy)

Here are the kind of returns you can enjoy from STRATEGY #1 alone:

Here’s what you can make daily from STRATEGY #2 alone:

(*this screenshot is from gains made in 24 hours - $60 USD collected in fees in a single day from $1,324 in capital)

This is what you can make daily from using STRATEGY #4 alone:

Look, DeFi could lead to the biggest wealth transfer we’ve ever seen and trading bots are a fantastic opportunity to create more passive income streams.

And this live training is your opportunity to learn how RIGHT NOW.

Now we want to be very clear.
This in-person workshop is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme – it’s for people to understand and take advantage of this revolutionary and life-changing new technology
  • A promise to make huge gains every day – it’s for people who want to make small, consistent gains daily
  • For people who don’t understand the importance of risk management – it’s for people who want to learn how to manage and minimize risk
  • For people who don’t take their financial future seriously – it’s for people who are committed to creating financial freedom through financial education
  • For people who want to create another little income stream – it’s for people who want to be part of something big (and be among the few early adopters)

If you feel you’ve missed the boat on making gains, or if this bear market has caused your investments to be in the red, here are undeniable facts why DeFi and Cryptocurrencies are about to enter a new phase bigger than ever before:

  • Based on Bitcoin’s historical cycle, Bitcoin has already reached a bottom and we could be at the start of a new bull cycle. Pantera Capital projects the next bitcoin cycle will take the price to $146,000.
  • The next Bitcoin halving is happening around March 2024. The last two pre-Halving rallies averaged 250%. So something similar this time around could put us around Bitcoin reaching $40,000 in the next few months.
  • Fidelity Investments (a multinational financial services giant that has about 40 million customers and $9.6 trillion in assets under administration) is launching Fidelity Crypto, a new crypto product for retail investors. It’s aim is to provide an easy and safe way to purchase Bitcoin which could help push its price higher.
  • Brazil officially enacted a bill intended to provide a complete regulatory framework for trading and using Bitcoin in their country. The bill will make it easier and more attractive to use Bitcoin as a form of payment or as an investment asset. This will lead to a boost in Bitcoin adoption, which is very bullish for Bitcoin.
  • Valkyrie Investment, (an investment adviser and trusted investment manager with a lot of experience in bitcoin and cryptocurrency) recently proposed to take over the management of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). This will lessen the fear and uncertainty around GBTC which should boost Bitcoin.

These are the reasons why DeFi and cryptocurrencies could represent the biggest moneymaking stampede of your life

So now is the time to get up-to-speed by securing your place to this 1-day small classroom workshop.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the DeFi and cryptocurrency space and how to benefit from what’s about to occur by the end of this year.

Plus, you’ll be able to position yourself for unprecedented gains and multiple passive income sources.

So don’t take this opportunity for granted.

In this training we will reveal:

This training is for you if:

  • You are a complete beginner, just curious or an experienced Cryptocurrency and DeFi investor – you’ll learn a lot regardless of your level of experience
  • You don’t want to miss out on this window of opportunity to potentially make a lifetime of gains from DeFi and cryptocurrencies
  • You only have limited funds to invest and are not a risk taker
  • You want to start profiting from the Cryptocurrency and DeFi space but don’t know what to do and where to start
  • You are overwhelmed and confused with all the information around Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance available
  • You are time poor and want strategies that are not time consuming to implement (NOTE: The 5 strategies we will share are passive income strategies)

If this describes you, then you’re going to be absolutely be thrilled by attending this in-person training.

And to make it possible for anyone to attend, we’ve removed price as a barrier. So we’re inviting YOU to attend this first-of-a-kind in-person training for only $29.
Don’t take it for granted because this training is normally valued at $3,000, but yours for only $29 if you act fast.

Why are we doing this? Because rather than telling you that our strategies work, we want to prove to you that they work.

And when you see it for yourself, you’re more likely to become a loyal subscriber and spread the word about our teachings. It’s a win-win.

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

We’re closing the doors after more than 30 people register per city – due to limited room capacity.

So if you want to attend then you’d better register RIGHT NOW by clicking on the city of your choice.

Also, bring a loved one, friend, or colleague. You’ll enjoy it more knowing you’ve helped someone else too...

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This will take you straight to the registration page and upon payment will automatically reserve your spot.

You’ll then be sent your e-ticket by email with all the details.

Look, we can’t guarantee we’ll run another training like this one.

Just spending a day with us could make a massive difference in your financial future.

So give yourself full permission to potentially reach your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible and remove the painful trial and error process you will experience if you try to figure it all out on your own.

Simply click the “secure my seat” button below the city of your choice on this page to reserve your spot, and let this life-changing training do the rest.

Here are 6 reasons you MUST attend this training:

  • The training is only $29 and includes complimentary morning tea and afternoon tea, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
  • The training is taking place in-person, in a small classroom environment so you can get the answers to all your questions
  • There is a lot of confusion about Cryptocurrencies and DeFi, and a lot of conflicting information. This training will give you the clarity and peace of mind you need
  • Multiple strategies will be shared to suit your risk profile and investment capital
  • You will gain the knowledge to potentially profit from Cryptocurrencies and DeFi regardless of your investment capital. You will be shown how to enter the Cryptocurrency and DeFi space with as little as a few dollars
  • We have NEVER run this training in-person before – this will be BRAND NEW information

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